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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rock of Ages

Based on the hit musical comes another film about knowing your destiny, taking risks and standing for your dream. Directed by Adam Shankman, the same person who directed Hairspray, helms this films to his best together with an ensemble that would be almost at par with Valentine's Day.

Sherrie is young girl in search of her dreams to become a famous singer goes to Hollywood to start her dreams. There she met Drew, an employee of Bourbon who has the heart for Rock and Roll but doesn't have the guts to stand for it. Their meeting ignites their passions as they pursue their dream even the circumstances are against them. Stacee Jaxx, played by Tom Cruise, is the rock legend who rose from the Bourbon.

I had my hesitations when I first knew that the director of Hairspray will be making the film. I really find the movie adaptation of Hairspray as bland and dull. The music was not given justice in Hairspray and I am afraid that Rock of Ages will have the same treatment which I was not wrong about it. The opening song was as bland as Hairspray's Good Morning Baltimore. The musical arrangements are also a problem in the film. We know how Glee influenced music as of this moment with their "Mash-up", however, this is not effective with this film. The 80's music is considered to be one of the best aside from the 70s and 60s. 80's music can stand on its own, mash up is not necessary to be put in film. Most of the musical numbers are also not appropriate with how the story is going and left dumbfounded sometimes.

The movie also suffers with very meaningless script. The lack of depth of the characters are also a major problem in the entire film. The singing was also a problem throughout. Though Catherine Zeta Jones, Mary J. Blige and the two lead characters did great, Tom Cruise suffers from the curse of Autotune which is as evident as a pimple of a 15 year old teenager. 

Rock of Ages is good movie if they hired Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) to make it. The film lack the pizzazz that Dreamgirls and Chicago has and that can be a problem.




  1. I am not a fan of musical movies though there were some that I did like.

  2. Read other similar negative reviews about the film. So it appears pure star power failed to pull it through.

  3. not a fan of musicals too and i think your comment may be true ( i didnt like Hairspray too)... but the moment I saw Catherine Zeta Jones... I'm hooked... i think that's why they got the best people in... so it would make up for the bad direction hehehe

  4. great insights for the movie... my wife is a great fan of the lead actor, and she really wants to see it. Yahweh bless.

  5. Oh well good thing I did not watch this movie instead I went for MIB 3.

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  6. mmm.. that gets me thinking if we will watch this or not? maybe not and just wait for it in Netflix! hehe

  7. I seldom watch movie because it is a long drive and my kids does not like to watch in a movie house :-(

  8. hmm. interesting. might download this for family watch.

  9. i've also previously seen the trailer of this and i also think it doesn't look good.