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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Madagascar 2: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar is considered to be one of the most successful 3D Animated films made by Dreamworks to date. Now that children and adults are getting tired of Shrek since Andrew Adamson left the franchise, Dreamworks has something to offer to and that is Madagascar. In the first film, Alex and his friends escaped from the zoo and end up in Madagascar. In Part 2, upon their return, they crashed in Africa in their place of origin and in this last installment, they have one more adventure that could be a sign that the franchise may be ending with a trilogy.

Alex longs New York and the fame that he has back their, this pushed him and his friend to force an alliance with the penguins to fly them back to New York. However, they crash landed again and was stranded in Europe. The fun started when they were tricked by the penguins and now soliciting their help but ended with one problem to another leading them to be dubbed as Most Wanted in Europe by Capt. Chantel Dubois of Animal Control Division. While trying to escape, they have to resort to a circus as circus animals which they end up helping improve their quality of entertainment.

I have seen the revious movies but it is this 3rd installment that I had the most laughs. One of the key characters that made this film is placing a lunatic character for a villain. Capt. Dubois is driven and sadistic to her cause which is to collect the heads of those animal who are in the run, the only thing missing in his wall is Alex's head which can complete her Wall of Success. The last amusing villain I ever laid my eyes on was Yzma of The Emperor's New Groove. Though Yzma is somewhat dumb, DuBois is cunning and determined to her mission with a handful of lunacy. 

The storytelling is strong with this installment unlike with its predecessors. Strong start and a very strong climax. This could be one fun film both for adults and children. This is one of the best sequel for a 3D Animated Film since Shrek 2.



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