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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ridley Scott, the maker of the Alien series, the discoverer of girl power in the person of Sigourney Weaver, is back with a vengeance. It has been too long since Scott helmed something in the silver screen, and this comeback is a sure hit especially for those who are thirsty for the genre Scott is very familiar with.

For starters, Prometheus is a prequel for the Alien series. I did not notice this until I saw the Opening Credits where I found it vaguely familiar and similar with Aliens. Prometheus follows the story of a group of people sent on a mission to find the proof of existence, the proof that god-like creatures exists in different galaxies who are responsible for our existence. Aboard the ship Prometheus are Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and her team with Meredith Vickers (Theron) and David, the android that helps Theron monitor their activities. It was when they arrived in the planet that they discover the existence of creatures and their the reason of their apparent demise. Conflicts rose when a biological entity was able to breach the ship and caused a lot of damages to the ship and its occupants.

The film is co-written by David Lindeloff, one of the brilliant minds who brought us the mystery of the Island in LOST. This somehow increased my anticipation that this will not be as shallow as the earlier Alien films particulary the Alien vs. Predator series. There were questions that were posed in the film. Mysteries that needs to be answered. What is the purpose of these creatures? Why were they destroyed? Who created them? What was the balance that needs to be filled in the search for the truth and new knowledge? The problem with the film is it left us hanging. Most of the questions were not addressed and that it may be a loophole for a possibiity of a sequel for the prequel. 
The actors portrayed their characters well. Michael Fassbender portrayed a very convincing android while Noomi Rapace (Girl with The Dragon Tatoo) showed how powerful her character is. The special effects are beyond expectations and provided a very relaistic environment for the planet itself. 

Though the 1st half of the film dragged a bit, the second half was a roller coaster of events that would make cringe a bit and root for the survival of the characters involve. In terms of suspense, Scott has still magic tricks left in his sleeve and I would give that he hasn't given everything yet with this film.

Prometheus is a film to watch by those who saw the first Alien film. Scott reignites the franchise will eye-popping visuals and commendable suspense that is somehow lost in Hollywood's vast number of eye candies.



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