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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

When Snow White made her first screen debut in 1939, she started the animation business for Walt Disney and made the company one of the best studios during their time. It was that time when everyone was submerged in a fantasy about princesses who are in distress and princes that would eventually save them from their impending demise. Snow White is the queen of all fairy tales. Little girls hold to the promise of Snow White's story - an ending of happily-ever-afters.

Snow White and the Huntsman is a reinvention of a beloved classic. This is a bold risk for the producers - to defy what is already a norm and replace a new religion to the fans of the fairy tale. Though the promise of a good story with a good film is widely anticipated, one is very curious on how they would pull this one off. This is a make or break move for the screenwriter, the director and the actors portraying their characters.

While the movie follows the plot of a princess being envied by her stepmother and was sent to the woods to be killed, there have been a lot of twists and turns with this film by adapting a somewhat Shakespearean approach to the tale. While the title suggests that the Prince is not alone in conquering the heart of the beloved Princess, it also shows that the minor character in the tale will be promoted as part of the lead cast in the film.

One of the worst flaw of the film is the writing itself. Though there has been an attempt to ante the dialogues to match a well written poetry, it somehow failed miserably as words are as boring as how the actors 
themselves delivered their lines which brought me to my second point as to why the film sucked in almost every way or another. Casting Kristen Stewart as Snow White may be a fitting choice for the producers since she sells movies like hotcakes. Thanks to Twilight, we get to see how constipated Kristen in every movie she made. I remember seeing her in Panic Room in 2002 where she starred opposite Jodie Foster and comparing her 10 years after, she hasn't managed to squeeze out a variety of emotions in her succeeding films. Casting Charlize Theron as the Queen is a big mistake. Since when Kristen was more beautiful than Charlize? Although I have to admit that Charlize did well as the sinister queen, but they would looked for someone more beautiful than Charlize to cast as Snow White. Chris Hemsworth, with his accent, somehow lived up with the Huntsman character. The Prince is almost invisible throughout the film.

The plot is also messed up and suffers most of the time with dragging parts. The context of magic was also placed with utter negligence. Somehow, there were things that were plotted out of place. There is too much characterization with the Huntsman and the Queen and they tend to forget that Snow White is still there. There is little motivation to the character that lead to the climatic battle against the queen. 

Snow White may be a hit to all Stewart fans but this film missed to hit what is essential to moviegoers who looks for something fresh. The worst is, this is a recycled idea but the outcome came out to be trash that even the beauty of Charlize Theron could not even save it.



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