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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme

Eugene Domingo comes back with the film which made her career sky rocketed. The trailer posed a plot that this will not be a regular comedy but it has a pinch of mystery and horror. This is where the movie started to fumble down.

While the first Kimmy Dora was a strong film both for its ingenuity and wit. The story, though offensive, is funny and has the appropriate comic timing. Kimmy Dora 2 suffers what mainstream movies are suffering. It has pushed too hard that it is too generic and almost commercialized. It was a relief that there were no product endorsements in the film. Star Cinema was able to make a coal out of the gem that Kimmy Dora had with its first film.

I won't divulge the plot as it would be a waste of words since the movie bacame very predictable up to its last frame, I would be expressing my sentiments about the film. Yes. I had a few laughs but not as hard as its predecessor. Eugene Domingo is consistent in delivering her performances of two opposite characters: one is a Type A personality devoid of feelings of actual kindness aside for herself and Barry (Zanjoe Marrudo) and to Dora occasionally, and the other who happens to be the complate opposite of the latter. There are no problems with the actors, it was the story itself that pulled the movie down. It was too generic that I suspect that everyone is either too lazy to make a story or they were influenced by the executives to change whatevery original idea the writers have.
Kimmy Dora seemed to be following the footsteps of Ang Tanging Ina - a once good plot with a declining quality one film to another. I admire the cinematography and special effects in the film. There were cameos in the first part of the film which lost its momentum in the middle of the film. The characters were not as lovable as the first and lost its charms.

Kimmy Dora is a great film. The only thing that they would redeem themselves is that they would not allow the 3rd installment be a mainstream film but an independent one. Kimmy Dora can survive on its own even without the help of a powerful company.




  1. Read an article about this in the daily newspaper. Super funny!

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